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eTutor Review

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eTutor is one of the largest and most developed online tutoring services we have come across whilst researching this category. With support for students at elementary school level, middle school level and high school level, as well as adult learners regardless of their age and ability, eTutor is a great online tutoring and academic support service that helps thousands of students each year. If you’re interested in helping to develop your child’s learning regardless of their ability or level, read on now to find out more about the services eTutor can offer.

The teaching and learning model used at eTutor was designed by Dr. Martha Angula, a leading education specialist and one-time school principal, superintendant and of course, teacher. The three main principles arising out of Angula’s philosophy are that students learn more when they are given choices about their education, are encouraged to set their own pace and can explore topics that interest them. Similarly, Angula explores the ideas that children learn better when parents are encouraged to have a part in the educational process, and that online schools should function exactly like regular schools, and not simply repackage existing material. As such, a wide range of learners, including traditional students, homeschooled students, gifted and adult learners and more can all benefit from the eTutor experience.

eTutor offers learners a wide range of features and tools that help to make building knowledge easier, as well as encouraging students to learn more effectively by allowing them to take control of the pace and direction of their learning. Students can take part in ‘lessons’ with highly-qualified tutors, working through more than 3,000 individual, high-quality lesson ‘modules’ spanning more than 20 different subjects. All lessons and content are NCA accredited and parents do not need to consider purchasing additional workbooks, texts or extra materials as everything a learner needs to do well with eTutor is included within the online environment. System requirements to use the service are minimal, meaning anyone with a computer and an internet connection can benefit from what’s on offer here.

As well as the learning model itself, eTutor also offers a range of additional tools that help students and parents track their progress and gain more from the service. Feedback is available instantly from many parts of the service, both to parents and students, helping learners understand where they need to improve and how to do so. An extensive blog and newsletter also help keep parents abreast of developments at the site, as well as providing a number of helpful suggestions as to how better to integrate learning into a child’s daily routine. Finally, parents can decide whether to enrol their child on the individual program (where children simply have access to the resources and can guide themselves through the learning process) or the more expensive one-to-one program, where the learning materials are supplemented with the support of a personal tutor.

We enjoyed finding our way around the eTutor service and feel that it has a lot to offer learners of any age or ability. With a number of pricing plans and a number of discounts available for volume and prepay subscriptions, it’s also more affordable than you might think – have a look at the service to see what it could offer you or your child today!

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