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TutorNext is a great online tutoring service for students of all levels and abilities that aims to help young people ‘take the next step towards academic success’. Despite its relative youth, thousands of young people have already seen the benefit of the TutorNext service, which guarantees an improvement in grades for every single student taking up membership of the service. Fun, convenient and easy to use, we can see why TutorNext is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after online tutoring and academic support programs – learning and succeeding really hasn’t ever been this straightforward!

The foundation stones of the TutorNext service are flexibility and quality. Students can connect with a tutor at any time of the day or night, meaning whenever they have a problem, an expert tutor is on hand to provide advice and support. All tutors are experienced, well-educated teachers who have access to materials and resources that make it easy to teach students of any age, regardless of the fact that all communication is ‘virtual’ and long distance. One of the best features of TutorNext is the virtual whiteboard workspace that allows students to share problems, solutions and explanations and work on examples with their tutor. Great stuff!

The cost of joining TutorNext and taking advantage of the great resources and tutor-time on offer is largely comparable to other similar services we have reviewed in this category. There are two main pricing strands, one for kindergarten students up to the 12th grade, and a second for college students. All packages are available in 15 day, 1 month or 3 month durations, meaning that students have unlimited access to all of the resources hosted on the site (as well as as much contact time with tutors as they wish) within that period. Prices range from $75 for a 15 day package for a kindergartener to a 12th grader, to $400 for a three-month college student package, although there are a range of interim packages to suit any budget or need. The great thing about the unlimited packages available with TutorNext is that parents can opt to pay for a short time (such as a month or even 15 days) in the run up to state exams or college admission tests to boost performance at a critical time, without having to shell out for a year’s membership!

TutorNext is a great choice if you’re looking for an online tutoring and academic support service that is both flexible and high-quality. With a range of packages in a number of durations, all of which offer unlimited support to students from kindergarten age right up to college level, you would struggle to find a more comprehensive service. Although the service doesn’t do quite as well as other services we have reviewed in this category, only making it into the number 6 spot, this is largely due to the fact that the service is relatively new and hasn’t yet grown to the size of other services we have reviewed. Check TutorNext out today to find out more about this great online tutoring service!

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