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eTutorHub is a new service that offers users all of the answers they need for homework, tests and everything in between. ETutorHub helps to connect expert tutors, teachers, professors and more with students-in-need to help solve problems, answer questions and explain concepts and theories. TutorHub is certainly an interesting, unique service that offers something quite unlike that anywhere else on the market…

The unique aspect of eTutorHub is that the students themselves drive everything on the site. Students come to the site with a question or query, which they post on the site and then wait for responses from tutors. Students set the parameters of the question, as well as a price they are willing to pay for the answer; while tutors or experts respond either with a written answer or video clip, which students can examine in part before committing to pay the agreed fee for the whole answer. As well as this tailored service, students can also search through answers posted to other questions and purchase those at a flat rate, which changes to reflect their quality or popularity. Students can leave feedback and rate answers and tutors, thus helping other students make decisions as to which tutor to go for when more than one ‘bid’ on a question.

As a result of its unique structure and learning model, eTutorHub’s pricing structure is a little more difficult to pin down and this makes it difficult to compare how much this service will actually cost when compared to other services in this category. As students price their own queries according to how much they are willing to pay a tutor for the answer (with tutors being able to bid on these ‘adverts’ at the amount stated, or a greater amount if the tutor considers the problem to be particularly complex) the amount spent will be dictated by the ability of the student to discern how complex a particular problem is and the experience needed to give a sufficiently comprehensive answer. We think this is problematic, as it is rare that students who don’t understand concepts (to the extent that they need them explained by an online tutor) will be able to appraise such content for the purposes of “pricing” the answer. That said, there is a clear advantage of this service – there’s no ongoing monthly subscription costs, meaning you really do only pay for the bits of the service you use!

Although eTutorHub is undoubtedly one of the most unique services we have reviewed in this category, as it acts as a marketplace where the answers to questions can be traded, we’re not sure it offers the level of interaction and support that a good tutoring service will have in abundance. As such, while eTutorHub may be perfect for one-off answers to questions, it might not offer the sort of service that users will wish to stick with in the long term, so other services in this category may be more appropriate if you’re looking for a service to help you out at exam time or before college application season. By all means check it out, but if you’re not sold, be sure to come back to No.1 Reviews to check out other services in our top ten in this category!

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