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Vienova Online Tutoring Review

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Vienova Online Tutoring is a great service that offers students high quality tutoring in a convenient and professional online environment. With some of the best tutors available, and a range of features and programs (including a number of services that are unique to Vienova), we enjoyed checking out what this service had to offer. In addition to online tutoring, Vienova also runs an affordable schools program for Indian families and provides content development support for teachers across the United States. Although we encountered a couple of potential problems while checking the Vienova Online Tutoring service out, it is growing and improving all the time, making it a real contender to climb higher within our top ten in this category. If you’re interested in checking out this interesting, unique online tutoring service, read on to find out more…

Vienova provides tutoring support for a relatively limited number of subjects up to the end of high school. Students can access tailored academic support in English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics and Geography, all of which are provided by highly-qualified professional tutors. One of the key selling points of Vienova is that the tutors who work for the service are all experienced teachers (with many tutors still continuing to teach in public schools across the United States), meaning they understand not only how to teach your child, but also know their way around the materials and the requirements of the curriculum. The technology used by Vienova helps students to learn in a more discursive manner, allowing them to interact more freely with their tutors to achieve a deeper understanding of materials. As with other services in this category, Vienova uses virtual interactive “whiteboard” technology in order to help students and tutors work problems and examples together, develop and explain concepts and generally communicate more freely. This, combined with excellent two-way audio and video capabilities within lessons, means that students receive the one-on-one attention they need to excel in every subject.

Unlike other services, Vienova prides itself on not simply regurgitating information already provided in textbooks or other media – the focus is on discussion and explanation, applying theory to practical situations or examples and learning how to apply theory to various factual situations in order to improve examination technique. As well as academic support, Vienova also provides specific, “skills and technique-based” tutoring for students who are studying for a range of academic and professional qualifications including SATs, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE and more. If you’re studying for one of these qualifications, Vienova could well be the perfect service to help you improve your performance.

Although this service is perhaps not the most popular we have reviewed in this category, nor is the subject coverage particularly extensive, there are still a lot of positive things happening at this service, making it a good choice if your subject needs fit with what’s on offer here. Vienova is particularly useful if you need exam specific support in any of the qualifications listed above, as tutors are specialists in providing specific, exam-focused support for students on those courses. If Vienova sounds right for you, check it out today by following the link below!

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