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eTutorWorld Review

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eTutorWorld is a great online tutoring service that offers live, one-on-one tutoring in Math, English Science and AP, all the way up to college level. With a range of great features and a sliding pricing structure that helps to make this service one of the most affordable on the market, we think eTutorWorld is a genuine alternative to some of the larger services we have reviewed on this site, and certainly a great option if you’re struggling to find money for regular private tutoring. So regardless of what particular area within these subjects you or your child is struggling to get to grips with, eTutorWorld could well be the perfect solution.

The mainstay of the eTutorWorld service is the sessions students can take with the service’s well qualified tutors. All sessions are taken  online using the latest communicative technology, helping students to build a great relationship with their tutor and see fantastic results, too. As well as the tutorial sessions themselves, eTutorWorld also offers students a wide range of additional features that help to make learning that little bit easier. Firstly, all lessons are recorded and are available to review at any time, meaning students don’t need to concentrate on making notes whilst listening to tutors go over a particular problem or topic. Recorded lessons can, of course, be viewed as many times as necessary, giving students an extra tool to help reinforce knowledge when exam time comes around. Furthermore, students can also access a number of printable worksheets – all age and level appropriate, covering most areas of the curriculum in subjects covered by eTutorWorld – which can also be used as a revision and learning tool.

The pricing structure at eTutorWorld is split into two bands – the first for those students who are in grades 3 to 10, the second for those in grades 11 and 12, those studying AP courses and those at college. The majority of students studying with eTutorWorld use a pay by the hour system, although a number of bundles are available (allowing students to purchase 10, 20, 30 or 50 lessons – for example – in one go) which help to reduce the overall cost of lessons with the service. In addition, unlimited packages are also available for a monthly fee of $219 per month in the lower band (grades 3 to 10) and for $249 per month in the upper band. These packages mean that students can enjoy as many lessons with tutors as they wish within a month for one, single flat fee. This is perfect if they are particularly benefiting from the eTutorWorld service or ( if this is a little too expensive to manage throughout the year), in the period just before examinations.

The service provided at eTutorWorld is one of the best and most comprehensive we have come across. The tutors are well qualified and passionate about teaching and learning, and the results speak for themselves – students not only feel happier about their level of knowledge in specific subjects, but their confidence also increases so that they are able to achieve better results in the future. Check out eTutorWorld today for more information about their fantastic tutoring program!

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