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Tuta Point is a fast, reliable, high quality tutoring service that offers students access to a range of supplementary educational resources and expert tutors in Math, Science and Foreign Languages (up to 12th grade level). Founded in 2007 and based in the USA, TutaPoint has grown steadily to provide students with exceptional teaching and learning resources, such as videos, worksheets and more in all areas of the curriculum in its covered subjects. Students can also choose a personal tutor with the right experience for their needs – giving them direct access to an expert teacher who can guide them through even the most difficult concepts or problems.

Flexibility is an integral element of TutaPoint’s overall service. Students can choose from instant help (by getting a quick answer to a particular question or probpem from one of the 24/7 tutors or by accessing an old video on the problem) or scheduled one-on-one support with their personal tutor at a later date. This ensures students take control of their own learning, teaching them how to analyse a problem and prioritise their work in order to be efficient when completing it. Similarly, this helps to keep costs down, as students can access cheaper, non-personalized resources to solve problems where possible. Questions can also be submitted on-the-go, by using the TutaPoint iPad, iPhone and Android apps.

While the actual tutoring sessions and lessons offered by TutaPoint are of good quality (with students clearly finding them both useful and enjoyabl, because coverage is limited to just Math, Science and Foreign Languages, TutaPoint may not go far enough to satisfy all of your child’s academic needs. Similarly, in terms of cost, while this service may be a useful learning tool when finding the answer to a simple problem or when trying to understand a difficult concept (especially if students can find a video explaining the concept already posted), it can get prohibitively expensive if used in a pay-by-the-minute manner by regular users. Although the service is unlimited  for just $99 a month per child, users should still bear in mind the service’s limited subject coverage when deciding whether this figure is justified considering the services and materials on offer.

While TutaPoint does provide the advantages of flexibility and variety to students, as well as a number of great features that we enjoyed using, its limited subject coverage and the cost of using the service may well put some users off signing up to the service. If you require support in subjects not covered directly by the service, it goes without saying that you should look elsewhere in our top ten in this category to find a more suitable service. If you require support in subjects covered by TutaPoint, it’s worth joining the service (which is free) and then using resources carefully to minimize the overall cost of using the service – if you find the cost  to be higher than you would like, check out other services in the listings or try unlimited membership to ensure costs are kept to a minimum.

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