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Please note that TutorVista has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of TutorVista below, or check out the rest of the US Online Tutoring Websites we've reviewed.

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TutorVista Review

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TutorVista is one of the most impressive and comprehensive online tutoring services we have come across, offering students a vast quantity of resources and one of the highest-quality tutoring services we have encountered in our research for this category. As one of the most outstanding services currently on the market, TutorVista has already given more than 6.5 million online tutorials and boasts a large quantity of happy students amongst its membership. TutorVista Tutors is enthusiastic, well-qualified and extremely passionate about education and learning, meaning TutorVista students are not only able to access the resources they need to do well, but also have the support required to achieve their potential.

It is the intention of TutorVista that the sessions it provides with tutors should mirror as closely as possible the interaction students can have with regular private tutors as these sessions are proven to have significant positive impact on the overall performance of students. As such, TutorVista champions an interactive mode of learning, providing students with a range of features that help tutors and students develop discussion and learn more effectively.

Among these features, the most effective (although not the most original) is the interactive whiteboard, a feature that allows both student and tutor to work on the same problem in a ‘shared virtual space’ (imagine two people writing on the same chalkboard in real life – the problem can be examined, worked and solved in a more effective way). Students can also communicate with their tutors using webcam chat and video messaging, or simply by asking questions through the service’s effective instant messaging tool. All of these features help students and their tutors to build a relationship and communicate effectively so as to improve the pace and quality of students’ learning.

Convenience is one of the most important advantages that TutorVista and other similar services has over regular private tutoring. Not only do parents and children not have to make repeated journeys to education and learning centers or host private tutors in their own homes (often viewed as inconvenient or inappropriate learning environments), tutors with TutorVista are available 24/7, meaning the service can fit around the lifestyle of students and parents more effectively. While for young children the convenience factor is more likely to help parents than children, older children will benefit from the “always-on” service offered by TutorVista as they begin to schedule their own learning and find that, on occasion, this means a few late nights!

There are two main forms that tutoring with TutorVista takes. Students can either log on and instantly connect to an available tutor in the relevant field (if such a situation is possible given the availability of specialist tutors), or book a session with a specific tutor in advance (at a specified time).

  The quality of coverage, and sheer comprehensiveness of the TutorVista service, has been regularly praised when the service has been considered in the press, e.g., the BBC and NBC.  

The homework help service also gives students the chance to submit specific questions to be answered by tutors (if they only require a short answer), or to receive replies from suitably qualified tutors who will walk a student through the problem in a tutorial (if the answer is difficult or lengthy). Either way, TutorVista has a convenient solution for every student, with the service being able to flex to suit the changing needs of students as they develop academically.

Subject and level coverage at TutorVista is also fantastic, making this service one of the few that can genuinely support a student throughout their academic career. The service begins coverage at kindergarten level, with students being able to access a number of games and resources that help to instil a “learning is fun” ethic, as well as sessions with specially trained tutors (who are experienced at dealing with small children), helping build confidence and preparing children for future school life.

Students can continue to access age and curriculum appropriate resources and teaching right up until the 12th grade, with students who progress to college and undertake AP classes able to pick up further support with these ventures too. Subjects covered include (but are by no means limited to) Math, English, Geometry, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, AP classes of various disciplines and Social Studies. The quality of coverage, and sheer comprehensiveness of the TutorVista service, has been regularly praised when the service has been considered in the press, e.g., the BBC and NBC.

Although online tutoring services are not necessarily known to be the cheapest study aids available, the individual attention given to each student at TutorVista makes it more worthwhile than most. That said, TutorVista is far more affordable than regular private tutoring, and at between $10 and $25 per hour, depending on the level and experience of the tutor and the requirements of the student in question, TutorVista is certainly a good investment if you or your child needs a little extra support. What’s more, the lesson bundles and packages on offer at the site mean paying in advance can reduce the cost of lessons even further!

With a range of great features and some of the best teaching on offer anywhere online, we were truly impressed by the overall standard of TutorVista. Regardless of the subject or level you need support with, this service has a tutor with the experience and knowledge to ensure that learning is fun, rewarding and above all, successful. Finally, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all tutoring and resources available through TutorVista, we’re sure you’ll be over the moon with the overall result!

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Please note that TutorVista has now been discontinued.

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